Drug and Alcohol Assessment

  • Do you need a drug and alcohol assessment for an in-state or out-of-state court case?
  • Do you need a drug and alcohol assessment for the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)?
  • Do you need a drug and alcohol assessment for an employer or employee?
  • Or maybe you need an assessment for a Child Family Investigator (CFI)?

drug and alcohol assessmentAs a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) licensed by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), I offer authorized drug and alcohol assessments/evaluations for courts, DMVs, and businesses. These evaluations usually take an hour of in-office face-to-face time. Unfortunately, I am unable to conduct assessments over the phone or via Skype.

I strive to provide a friendly and safe environment for the assessment as you may be uncertain of what to expect. With my previous experience as a drug and alcohol counselor and case manager working closely with Judicial and Municipal systems, I am often able to provide explanations and answers to your questions.

During the first part of the assessment, we address any questions you may have — if not previously addressed on the phone or via email. Next, I conduct an informal interview to inquire into the circumstances that necessitate the assessment; as well as discuss your current and previous use, and pro-social reinforcements.

Then, the more formal part of the assessment hour is conducted with one of Ken Wanberg’s, Ph.D. assessment tools:

  • Alcohol Use Inventory (AUI)
    • This assessment is an extensive exploration of only alcohol use  — it’s benefits and consequences.
  • Drug Use Self-Report (DUSR)
    • Designed for clients who need an assessment and do not have Judicial involvement.
  • Adult Substance Use Survey-Revised (ASUSR).
    • Designed for clients who need an assessment for the Judicial system.

The assessment write-up summary with recommendations and a Certificate of Completion usually takes 4-5 business days. If an expedited (1-2 days) assessment write-up is needed, there is a $50 added charge. Also, expedited assessments can only be offered based on schedule availability. If expedited service is needed, please contact me for availability.

I will send you the assessment so you can look it over before I send it to your legal representation, the Judicial or Municipal Department, your place of business, DMV, or CFI. This is to correct any errors or misunderstandings during our hour, and also so you are aware of what is being sent. I can change errors and misunderstandings, but I can not change treatment recommendations if any.

Drug Screen

Part of the assessment includes a 7-panel Quantisal oral fluid drug screen. The test takes minutes and a fluid sample is sent to the Cordant lab. The results usually come back within 3-4 days.

What to Bring to the Assessment

  • Picture ID
  • Names and contact information for entities such as legal representation, Judicial Department(s), or place of business that need the assessment. These are needed to properly fill out the Release of Information form and to properly facilitate transmission of the assessment.
  • Any past alcohol or drug treatment certificates.
  • Contact information for collateral contacts if requested.


  • The evaluation with assessment write-up costs $230. Payment is due at the appointment. If the assessment is not completed or accepted by the court or business, a refund will be given (this has yet to occur).
  • Expedited assessment (1-2 days, if available) is $280.


Contact me to set up an assessment. Also, please contact me with any questions and we can discuss if the assessment I offer will work for you and your situation #720-272-9573 or jason@paramitacounseling.com.

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